Week 1 – Albany, OR

Hello friends and family!

We’ll be sending out updates from our journey every Monday (well that’s the goal anyway!) to recap what the previous week had in store for us.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, we bought an RV a few months ago with the intention of living in it for the remainder of 2016 and into early 2017. We found a 1995 Ford Tioga with only 35,000 miles on her and we named her Bertha. She’s 30.5 feet long and we tow a trailer behind us with our BMW motorcycle and our two bicycles.­ Jim calls it our one bedroom with an attached garage.

The early part IMG_5851of this year was spent preparing for this trip, that meant organizing and selling most of what we own…not an easy task! On Sunday, May 8th we officially hit the road with everything we own on our backs. We didn’t quite accomplish everything we’d hoped to and set off with Bertha in a small state of chaos, but we did manage to give her her first ever bath before we left!

We left San Diego late on Sunday evening and drove 5 hours to Santa Barbara where we pulled over the spend the night in an office park (that’s a no­-no for the record, we woke up to a warning on the windshield). After a swim and run at the local Y (what a great place for workouts and long showers IMG_6117anywhere in the country!) the next morning, we hit the road toward Monterey where Heather’s parents are staying for a month. Between Monday night and Tuesday, we were lucky enough to enjoy some good company, delicious home cooked food (mmm pot pies), and hit their local winery for some tastings (we highly recommend Boekenoogen if you’re in the Carmel area).

Wednesday morning we had a crazy delicious breakfast (blueberry pancakes *drool*) with Heather’s parents before we said our goodbyes and hit the road again. IMG_5930Jim had never been to Big Sur so we thought it’d be fun to see it by motorcycle. Three hours down from Pacific Grove to McWay Falls and back up, we had the best ride -­ it was overcast and green, it felt a little like Scotland. After the side trip, we loaded the motorcycle back up and headed just around the bay toward Santa Cruz to see one of Jim’s old buddies from Seattle, Michael, and his fiancé, Whitney. We got in a run on the boardwalk and got to try Frito pie made by a real Texan (Whitney still says y’all too).

Part of the reason behind this tIMG_6211rip is to grow Jim’s business as a triathlon coach. We’re going to be following the race circuit around the country; this also means training for our own races. So Thursday morning we woke up right on the beach in Santa Cruz and headed up the coast on our tri bikes. It started out chilly and overcast but ended bright and sunny, we rode 30 miles right along the coast on the 101. After the ride, we said our goodbyes again and headed toward San Fran.

IMG_20160513_180644Before sightseeing San Fran, we headed to the Y (again) in Oakland for a long swim. Then we jumped on the motorcycle for easy touring on two wheels; we headed to Haight Ashbury for street tacos, drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, and crossed into Marin for a brew at the Pelican Inn (the windy roads in Marin were heaven for Jim on the bike). We got to see San Fran 101 before heading up to Sacramento to see another of Jim’s old buddies, David (they were Marines together), and his wife Leah.

IMG_6450Saturday we spent hanging with Dave and Leah and their little boy Seth. Part of that included a 30 mile bicycle ride along The American River…it was so pretty! This is the coolest part of living on the road so far ­ the ability to pull off and sight-see with a run or bike or motorcycle. We finished the evening with a sushi dinner and said our goodbyes, knowing we had an early start on Sunday. The goal was to get from Sacramento to Portland asap, which didn’t quite happen as we chose to take the long, scenic route through the Redwood Forest. We stopped there for a 7 mile run and a late lunch, words truly can’t describe the scale of both size and beauty of the redwoods.

We try to make Monday’s non-travel days but we did some driving today in order to make up some lost ground. We still did some work and some cleaning/laundry today but plan to hit the road early tomorrow and be in Seattle by the afternoon. Apologies for the length of our week one email but it’s all so new and exciting for us, plus it was a very long and full week. We sign off the first weekly email from a Walmart parking lot in Albany, Oregon. Thank you all for your support!

Total RV Trip Miles: 1423.4



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