Week 3 – Bremerton, WA

Week three has come and gone, it feels like this20160525_124405 journey is flying by so far but also feels as though it’s been it’s been a long time on the road already. This week has been more relaxing, we’ve actually stayed parked in the same spot for all of the past seven days. Our friends in Bremerton (a huge thanks to Joe and Amber!) have been nice enough to let us stay parked in their extra large driveway and to use their electricity for a whole week now, they even left on Saturday morning for Cabo but we’ve continued to squat there even after their departure. Being that we’ve stayed in one spot for so long, this update won’t be as jammed packed as previous one (or future ones, no doubt), but despite not having long days of driving, we still seem to fill our days up and wonder where the time goes.

20160525_120439(0)Since arriving in Seattle/Bremerton, the weather has graced us with the stereotypical Pacific Northwest forecast of rain, clouds, fog, and cold. Being that the outdoors weren’t calling to us with its never ending drizzle, we spent a lot of Tuesday at the local Bremerton library, getting caught up on long overdue administrative and business building tasks. Staying in Joe and Amber’s driveway had the extra perk of coming “home” to a family style home cooked meal as they cooked for us again that evening. 20160525_104254

Wednesday morning it seemed that the water had stopped falling from the sky long enough to go on a nice, local hike. Amber played tour guide and took us up to Green Mountain for a gorgeous 4 mile-ish long hike. It was a steady uphill climb with trees, flowers, creeks, shrubs, and greenery like you can’t find anywhere in the southwest. The cloudy, cool weather actually even made it more enjoyable and a little like hiking through Fern Gully.

IMG_20160525_213558Following the hike, we got all cleaned up and headed into Seattle for the 50th birthday party of one of Jim’s old triathlon buddies. It was a really nice chance for Jim to catch up with his Seattle friends, as he hadn’t seen them in the past six months since moving to San Diego. The ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle is an enjoyable 45 minutes with awesome views of the city as you pull into port. Having the motorcycle is with us is a super convenient way to get around the city once we’re over there.

Resized_20160526_172553001Thursday and Friday were mostly quiet, productive days in Joe and Amber’s driveway. We spent some time working on Bertha, getting chores done, and spending time with them before they took off for Cabo. Coming off our last race in Troika, we hadn’t done a lot of training so we were sure to squeeze in a bike ride in their driveway (I’m sure we look pretty strange riding stationary like that) and spent some time at the local YMCA (thank goodness for heated, indoor pools…can we do a triathlon in there??). The weather 20160528_140644continued to be meh and we were happy to relax a little indoors and make the most of the coziness.

Waking up on Saturday, the weather didn’t prove to look much more promising but we decided we shouldn’t let us stop us from doing a little sightseeing. Heather hasn’t spent a lot of time in Seattle and wanted to see more of it before our time here is up, plus Joe and Amber had left at this point so there’s no real need to hang out in Bremerton. We took the ferry 20160528_162400over and took the motorcycle straight to Pike Place Market. Big. Mistake. It was a holiday weekend and that is the most touristy place in the city, it was nearly impossible to even walk down the street. We did manage to duck into the Ginger Beer shop for a tequila and pomegranate ginger beer and a blood orange and whiskey treat. We left that area pretty quickly thereafter and headed over to Freemont for a burger at Uneeda Burger (get it? And they were amazing burgers at that). After a bit more wandering around the city, we met up with another old friend of Jim’s for a Daft Punk laser show at the Science Center Planetarium. Yes you read that right, it was a IMG_20160528_174109laser show set to Daft Punk music and it was incredible!

Sunday was another quiet, productive day in Bremerton (told you there would be more of these this week). We had some errands to run and managed to drive through the cute town of Port Orchard for some burritos on the way back. We squeezed in a quick, stupidly hilly run in the evening followed by a relaxing movie night in.

Monday was a treat, the sun came out! IMG_20160530_170431And boy did it ever come out, it was a perfectly gorgeous, clear day with barely a cloud in the sky! We got the bikes all cleaned up and went for a 30 mile bike ride over to Poulsbo, an adorable Scandinavian town that did a great job of honoring Memorial Day. We grabbed iced coffees and some of the best donuts we’ve ever had before heading back to Bertha (the ride was so beautiful but it was the donuts and coffee that really made it worth it). Following the bike ride, which took longer than we planned, we jumped on the motorcycle for a 75 mile ride around the sound to get to Seattle (we missed our ferry). Thanks to the 20160530_185529sunshine, we had warm weather and crystal clear views on the ride, Mount Rainier is quite a sight to see! The evening ended with homemade sushi, made with love by Jim’s friend Dexter (omg so much sushi), and another wonderful gathering of Seattle people before catching the 12:50am ferry back to Bremerton.

We have a few more days planned here in Seattle/Bremerton before hitting the road again next weekend. Back to finding a different parking spot for Bertha every night…stay tuned for what adventures are in store next week!

Total RV Trip Miles: 2408



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