Week 10 – Jackson Hole, WY

20160712_150659This is pretty unusual but we’re writing from the exact same spot we wrote you from last week. Not only are we still in Jackson Hole, but we are also sitting inside Bertha while she’s up on jacks at the repair shop…exactly as it was when we wrote you last week. She has moved since last week’s update, but had to be returned to the shop today for some follow up work.

Anyway, let’s back up. As we came down the mountain last week with our brakes on fire, we were towed into a really nice repair shop. They’ve been great at helping us get Bertha back up and running, we actually spent two nights sleeping in their yard while hooked up to shore power with full electricity. They were able to get the brakes fixed up and we actually had an insurance adjuster come out to examine the damage after we had called for roadside assistance. The adjuster asked that more repairs be done to ensure Bertha would be safe on future trips. In addition to the fire damage, the tow truck driver had bent our steering rods…so what all that meant is that the repair shop had to order some additional parts that didn’t come in until today. Hence why we’re back to their shop a week later.

Dealing with the repairs and staying in the20160712_194733 yard means there aren’t a lot of exciting updates for the first part of last week. We stayed in Bertha mainly getting some work done and exploring the local area around the shop. Heather got in a couple of nice runs, turns out the shop is located right off one of the many glorious trails that run through Jackson.

We were freed from the shop on Wednesday evening and found a nice place to sleep where we could watch a movie and have a relaxing night. The next morning, we parked Bertha in a wonderful pull through spot that Jackson Hole designates just for RV’s and other large vehicles – if only they did that everywhere! Once she was settled in, we got the bikes all cleaned up from their dirt road 20160714_124758ordeal the prior week so they’d be ready for a nice long ride. We then set out from Jackson toward the Grand Tetons and ended up have the most amazing 60-mile bike ride! Jackson really has done wonderful things with their trail systems here, we could ride safely and away from the highway on really nicely paved roads with shade from the trees and views of the mountains. We rode all the way to the Grand Teton National Park then turned around and headed south through green pastures and more beautiful views. Truly, though we do say this a lot, it was one of theIMG_20160714_212643 best bike rides we’ve ever been on.

Friday and Saturday were actually mostly uneventful days filled with hours at the library. We did do some exploring of downtown Jackson Hole, which is really cute and amazingly full of tourists from all over the world, all taking turns taking pictures under the antler arches (great people watching opportunity). We also managed to get a nice long run in but outside of that, they were pretty low-key days.20160715_200339

Sunday we decided to get out and do something fun so we chose white water rafting! The Snake River runs through Jackson and if you start at the south end, you get some pretty nice rapids (category 3 and 4 so nothing too crazy). As we loaded up into our raft, we found we were going down the river with a crew made up of half children…haha not what we were expecting but they were actually a total riot. They were aged from 6 to 11 and they were all just really fun, well-behaved, funny kids (if anyone complained about being cold they had a saying: “Northern Up!”). We20160717_103738 were out on the water for about 3 hours and did hit some pretty good rapids, Team Burho took the front seats (the kids wanted them but weren’t quite old enough) and we got completely soaked through from head to toe with water in the low 50’s. Brrrr! There were a couple of times we saw the waves coming well up over our head! During the calmer times, we told kid friendly jokes and got to do some swimming (well, everyone but Heather that is, she doesn’t do cold water).

DSC_4067After the rafting adventure, we had some lunch and around 4:00 decided to head out to the Tetons to do a short hike and catch the sunset over Jenny Lake. On the drive out there on the motorcycle, we saw very menacing dark clouds coming in from the west so we sadly decided to turn around and head back. We’ve been caught in the rain a few times on the motorcycle now and figured it’d be better to get out there during drier weather.

20160717_111047As it turns out, we woke up this morning (Monday), to a sky of thick smoke. Apparently, the lightning from the storm yesterday caused a couple of fires to the south of us. We recently got an alert on our phone that they’re evacuating the area about 30 minutes south of Jackson; we’re hoping they’re able to get that contained pretty quickly!

It’s been a really nice, mostly relaxing and productive week, it was a nice change of pace after the week we had prior. We’re actually happy we got to spend so much time in Jackson as well, turns out we really like it here – it’s unusual for us to spend this much time in one place! We actually have plans to meet up with some fellow RV’ers tonight too, which we’re pretty excited about. As we’ve set out on this journey, we’ve been amazed at how many people are out doing the same thing; many of us have connected via Instagram. There seems to be quite a few people in Jackson Hole currently as well (we can see why), and another couple we follow invited us to meet up for a beer this evening.

Our plan is to then depart tomorrow (assuming Bertha is done) and we have a heavy week of driving to Minnesota coming up. As we prepare to leave WY, we’ve been reflecting on this time in the Midwest. The journey through Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming has been somewhat of a pleasant surprise for us. Not that we didn’t think we’d like these states, we’ve just liked them exponentially more than we expected to. This entire area of our country is incredibly beautiful and we feel very lucky to have been able to see it all first hand.

Thanks for reading and staying up on this journey with us!

Total RV Trip Miles: 4,314



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