Week 16 – Traverse City, MI

Welcome to another exciting week of adventures with Jim and Heather! Ok actually, this might be a shorter than usual update as we had a fairly relaxing week of hanging out and enjoying our new floors.

20160824_152030We left off still in the glamorous RV park last week, having just installed the fancy new peel and stick flooring. We stayed at the RV park the remainder of last week, it’s the longest we’ve ever paid to be in a park but they had a good rate and it was a really nice treat. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week mainly consisted of enjoying our last few days of unlimited power and water while getting some work done and getting our swim, bike, and run training in. It’s fun when our training correlates with exploring and being immersed in the local areas. Thursday’s training last week was a swim in Lake Michigan, for example, IMG_20160825_201452.jpgand the beautiful beach, water, and weather made for a much more enjoyable workout. The water is clear and fresh and it’s nice to not taste salt water when you inevitably swallow some of it. Another nice benefit of the RV park was the space, the trees, and the shade…it allowed us to take some time to get some yoga and stretching in as well. We often want to do this, especially after a tough workout, but it’s hard to do if we’re parked in someone’s neighborhood or in 20160825_092840a Walmart parking lot! Waking up in the morning and rolling out the mat is truly the best way to start the day.

Friday morning brought the end of our luxurious stay (we slept with the air conditioning on for most of the week – not because we needed it, but because we could!). We got the bikes and motorcycle all cleaned and loaded up and set sail for Traverse City. We arrived in Traverse City on Friday afternoon and went straight to a wonderful, hipster sort of taco shop where we gorged on fresh guac and tacos. We quickly discovered that Traverse City is yet another city on this trip that has wowed us. Its main downtown area is super cool, filled with cute restaurants, shops, and bars. And it’s right on the water, so you can stroll down and go for a walk by the lake after you stuff your face with tacos.

We found a pretty nice parking spot over the weekend at an attorney’s office. A random find to be sure, but it was right next door to the library and it overlooked another lake (so many lakes up here, it’s amazing!). So we stayed there Saturday and Sunday so we could get some work done in the library between our training.

20160827_173120Saturday’s training called for a 16 mile run, which we ended up doing separately since Jim was still working when Heather decided to hit the pavement (which also means she “accidentally” cut it short and only did 14 miles). We took completely different routes, Heather choosing a gorgeous run along the water while Jim chose to run more of a city route (actually, he just got kind of lost looking for a lake path). Both journeys proved enjoyable though; it was a cloudy, cool day and, despite the humidity, we had some pretty great runs.

20160828_181827.jpgWe were definitely feeling it the next day though and chose to have a nice late sleep-in on Sunday morning. As part of our new weekly ritual, we had a nice Sunday morning breakfast while we laid out our plans for the upcoming week on our calendar. We’re trying to do this to ensure a solid balance between working, training, and sight seeing. We then spent the remainder of Sunday in the library and ended the day with some yoga lakeside, right next to our prime attorney’s office parking spot.

20160829_143245Monday brings us to our second, and main big training day of the week! As we mentioned above, the coolest part about training on the road is the ability to really see the areas we’re staying in and Monday’s ride was an awesome example of this. We had an 80 mile ride planned, so after taking care of some RV related chores we loaded up the bikes with lots of hydration (it was pretty hot and humid when we set out!) and hit the road. The lady at the local bike shop was great, we had planned to ride west to see the Sleeping Bear Dunes but she suggested we go north instead. So we took her advice and we were so glad we did! Traverse City has this 15-20 mile path that heads north out of the city for runners, walkers, and cyclists. It was tree-lined, flat, in great condition, and protected from traffic. It was perfect! It also took us up through Sutton Bay, a sleepy little town the lady in the bike shop called “Mayberry-like”. These IMG_20160829_211936are the kinds of things we’d never see if it weren’t for our bike adventures. So we did about 50 miles up the first peninsula, came back down, and went up the next peninsula. It was all so, so beautiful. Water views, gorgeous homes with tree lined streets, well cared for roads…Traverse City is taking its spot among some of our very favorite places we’ve ridden. We finished up the 80 miles, feeling really good, and ended the day with a couple of refreshing beers and a hearty dinner.

You’re hearing more about our training days as these next three months mean we’re ramping up for our full Ironman in Florida come November. Many of our upcoming adventures will be surrounding swim, bike, run but stay with us as we head into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this week!

Total RV Trip Miles: 6,801



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