Week 22 – Wethersfield, CT

Greetings from a beautiful, crisp fall day in Connecticut! It truly feels like fall now with a nip in the air, cold nights (we’ve started needing a heater while we sleep), and the craving for pumpkin-flavored everything. It’s been a wonderful week up here in New England and we’ve been feeling very thankful to have had some time with family.

20161005_170317We last left you in Springfield, MA after a long day of driving from Buffalo, NY. We had chosen Springfield because of the (relative) proximity to Boston and also because we had found both an RV park and a YMCA there so we could get a few things accomplished. Wednesday morning we woke up and headed straight the the Springfield Y for a nice long pool swim (the water was gloriously warm) and a shower before checking into the RV park for the evening. The RV park was beautiful and quiet, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the season of RV’ing has come to an end as the park was almost empty. Most of the other RV’ers we follow on social media seem to have headed west, we may be some of the very few people still scooting around this area. Anyway, we spent the rest of the day at the RV park giving Jim a haircut, doing some laundry/cleaning, and giving our bicycles some overdue TLC.

20161006_181614Thursday morning we prepped for our drive to Boston for a day of sightseeing! It was to be about a 75 mile drive to Boston, but we didn’t account for traffic so it took much longer than we’d anticipated. We pulled into a nearby suburb in the afternoon, got Bertha settled in, unloaded the motorcycle, and locked in our destination. We had heard traffic in Boston was pretty bad but we weren’t prepared for just how bad it would be, it took us almost an hour to go about 18 miles. By the time we made it, it was much later than we’d hoped and the poor motorcycle was overheating from all the idling. But we were in Boston! With a limited amount of time to do and see everything, we decided that following the Freedom Trail would be the best use of our time – and it definitely was! The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile walk through the historical sights in Boston and it provides a wonderful way to see the modern city as 20161006_173011well. We made our way from the Paul Revere House to the site of the Boston Massacre and all the way to the beautiful Boston Commons. Boston is maybe the coolest place ever! We just loved the city, it’s so hip yet quaint at the same time, and the fact that the history is just embedded in their everyday lives was really cool to see. After our sightseeing, we headed over to North End for some pizza, beer, and baseball (baseball seems different out here somehow) at a little pizza shop. We had been told by a few people that the cannolis in North End were a must, so we got in line and ordered a few – one for that evening and a few for the road. We then headed back to Bertha and decided to get a head start on tomorrow’s drive, ending our evening somewhere in Rhode Island.


Friday morning we got up and made the rest of the drive to Jim’s sister’s house in Wethersfield, CT. We arrived in the early afternoon and were able to enjoy the 20161007_173259remainder of the day with her and our sweet little niece, Elliot, who’s 16 months old and just an absolute blast to play with. We took a little bike ride to the park, where Jim had more fun digging holes with the kid’s sized bulldozer than Elliot had on her bouncy animals. The evening ended with getting caught up with Farren and Wolfgang over a delicious homemade dinner and glass of homemade wine (yeah, they do that).

IMG_20161009_135345Saturday we had the whole day to just enjoy some family time and hang out with Elliot. First thing in the morning, we were summoned to an incredible breakfast made by Wolfgang of German pancakes with Nutella (he’s German if you can’t tell by the name). So, so heavenly! We then took another trip down to the bigger local park, where Jim once again seemed to have more fun than Elliot with the toys. After naptime, the plan was to take a trip to the Trolley Museum, but as we loaded up and started the journey, our plans were foiled by the rain. We still managed to entertain Elliot back at home for a few hours before putting 20161008_210220her to bed and having some adult time. As we just mentioned, Farren and Wolfgang have been making their own wine recently, and our trip (very luckily) coincided with their bottling party for the most recent batch. Their friends Aaron and Karen came over for dinner, then a few hours later another couple of their other friends joined us for the bottling. Farren runs an efficient ship and got everyone to work filling bottles, corking, melting foil, and gluing on labels; it took less than 30 mins to get 25 bottles assembled. We then got to enjoy the spoils of unlimited wine and 10 lbs of cheese, courtesy of Aaron and Karen.

Sunday was another cold, rainy, and dreary day, again spoiling the agenda Farren had planned for us (we were going to go on a long riverside bike ride to enjoy all the fall colors). We were completely spoiled for breakfast again, as Farren made carrot cake pancakes (they were divine and so perfect for the fall weather). After breakfast, we took Elliot to the Romp N Roll where she was able to run and climb and play to her little heart’s content. During her naptime, Jim started the process of making new curtains for Bertha with 20161009_181824Farren’s sewing machine (yes, he’s the seamstress in this marriage). Once Elliot woke up, we took a trip to the local library to get out of the house for a bit. They have a great setup there, complete with a toy train, a kid’s sized “cafe”, and a puppet theater. Back at the house, Jim managed to lull Elliot into an entire hour of reading to her – the longest she’s sat still all weekend and maybe ever (he read one book to her entirely in poor German, it was quite entertaining to watch!). We ended the evening with a walk around the block as the sun was setting and both the sky and the leaves on the trees were a bright, beautiful orange color!

20161010_121951Monday, as Farren and Wolfgang had to return to their normal weekday routine, we took the opportunity to use their house to get a few things done. But first, we started the day with a long run up to Hartford. We ran by the Mark Twain house, through the middle of downtown, along the riverwalk, and back down to Wethersfield. The rain had cleared up, leaving the day cool and crisp but sunny and perfect for a long run. After the run, we did some laundry, took showers, baked fresh bread (Jim is also the baker in our marriage), and worked on finishing up the curtains for the RV. It was Farren and Wolfgang’s 7th wedding anniversary so we made them dinner in the evening. After dinner, we enjoyed a couple bottles of their signatures wines and some good conversation before saying our goodbyes before bed. It was such a wonderful weekend to be with them and to spend time with little Elliot.

As we start today with getting a few last minute things done, we’ll prepare to leave their home shortly and head south. This week will take us to an adventurous weekend in New York City so be sure to keep following along!

Total RV Trip Miles: 8,696.1


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