Week 33 – Phoenix, AZ

Hello again! Christmas has already come and gone, can you believe it?

20161221_185707This week has been a nice, relaxing week filled with family, friends, food, fun, and the celebration of Christmas; we couldn’t have asked for a nicer Christmas week. We last left you in Heather’s parents’ driveway, catching up on a few things (including the blog) and trying to stay dry amidst all the rain we had! That evening (Wednesday), we unhooked from Heather’s folks’ house and drove the 7 miles to Krissy’s house (Heather’s oldest friend and cousin). We made Krissy and her husband Jesse a nice, easy pasta dinner while they took care of little Charlotte, including bathtime (omg she’s too cute!). They turned in early while we cuddled up in Bertha with some mulled wine and a movie.

20161223_124358Thursday, Heather was up at 6:00am to start her first babysitting shift. Krissy and Jesse had to work all the way through the week so Heather had volunteered to watch Charly on Thursday and a half day on Friday. We spent the day reading books, going for a walk (during the non-rainy time), changing dirty diapers, taking a nap, and playing with all the toys in the house…Charly was on her best behavior! While Heather was babysitting, Jim was locked in Bertha finishing the last of his coaching recertification; he’s completely done and recertified under USAT and a newly certified international coach under ITCA! Krissy and Jesse come home around 4:00, so we took our opportunity to sneak out for a very chilly run before reconvening for a delicious Chipotle dinner. Then it was early to bed, as Heather is not used to getting up early and chasing a baby/toddler around all day!

Friday was another early morning as Heather began her second shift. Today we had to be out of the house while the house cleaners came, so we walked at least three miles around the neighborhood and killed some time at Starbucks. Krissy was home just after noon and put Charly down for a nap, we then took that opportunity to get some cleaning 20161223_221430.jpgand laundry done. That evening, we got all cleaned up to head over to our friend Missy’s house for a friendsgiving-style Christmas party. Missy has two boys and Heather’s other old friend (old as in we’ve known each other since we were 14, not as in she’s old), Stacy, brought her husband and daughter, and Krissy was there with Charly. Missy put together a wonderful spread of kabobs and chilaquiles and we stuffed ourselves silly. When we arrived, one of Missy’s boys had a machine-gun style nerf gun loaded and ready for a full attack on Jim. The night was then non-stop with nerf guns, rubber band shooting, trampoline jumping, and Jim being the biggest kid of all. Missy put together a heck of a spread of freshly baked cookies that we all helped to frost and eat. We hopped on the motorcycle to head home after 11:00, when it was about 40 degrees outside…it was a cold ride!

20161224_193101Saturday was Christmas Eve and we had a lovely day with Heather’s family. We spent the afternoon mostly just relaxing and watching the Seahawks get beat by the Cardinals (sorry Jim) while preparing a fabulous quiche dinner before brother Eric came over. Kathy put together three different types of quiche and a magical salad for dinner…the quiche was actually in honor of JB’s first dinner with the Fronceks back in 1998, when he and Heather were just high school sweethearts. After dinner, we watched Miracle on 34th Street, then spent some time playing Jenga and discussing our goals for 2017. It was a really lovely Christmas Eve with family.

We woke up on Christmas to the smells of freshly baking cinnamon rolls and coffee. We
had an early breakfast with Heather’s family before loading up Bertha and heading to the east side of Phoenix to meet up with Jim’s family. We pulled up to Jim’s mom’s house just after 11:00am and blasted the La Cucaracha horn…we like to announce ourselves in style. 20161225_160509.jpgHis mom and sisters were in the middle of watching Elf, so we cuddled up to watch the rest with them. We spent the day relaxing, catching up, watching Christmas movies, drinking eggnog, and opening Jim’s new Lego RV set up! That evening, we headed over to the Potters’ house next door. Every holiday, the neighborhood comes together to share a big spread of food and holiday cheer. It was a wonderful Christmas day!

20161226_173811Monday morning we got up to start our day relatively early. Heather went for a run while Jim knocked out his athletes’ training plans for the week. Heather then ran to the store to throw together a fruit salad for the family party we were due to be at come 2:00. Except we were late as usual. We drove back to the other side of town, arriving at Heather’s aunt and uncle’s house about 40 minutes after the party had started. We had aunts, uncles, cousins, and cousins’ children that we hadn’t seen in a quite a while, all together again in 20161226_175038one room. It was great to catch up with everyone and share a meal of barbeque, queso, salads, and fudge. Their neighborhood is actually the same neighborhood that we grew up in, and the place we met originally 18 years ago. We took a quick walk before sunset to see the house Jim grew up in, it was quite the trip down memory lane. Once the party was over, we drove the hour back to the east side of Phoenix to spend the evening watching the Tangerine Bear with Jim’s mom and sisters.

20161227_183915Today, Tuesday, was another relaxing day around Jim’s mom’s house. We started the morning with a seven mile run around the neighborhood with sister Jamey and came home to the most amazing eggs benedict we’ve ever had, courtesy of Jim’s mom. The remainder of the day has been just relaxing around the house with the family, catching up, sharing stories, doing a smidge of work related items, and ending the evening once again cuddled on the couch with a movie. Jim did manage to sneak the drone out at dusk to grab a sunset aerial shot of the neighborhood with the Christmas lights still aglow.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and once again, we thank you for following along with us on this journey. Much love as always.

Total RV Trip Miles: 13,085

GOPR5410-0002 - Edited



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