Week 38 – Concord, CA

This week we write you from cloudy and cold Concord, CA. It’s likely not fair to call this place “cold,” as some of you are no doubt reading this while snow is on the ground where you live. For us, though, it’s one of the colder days we’ve had, which may seem doubly as bad since we ran out of propane last night while trying to keep the furnace on! Naturally, that put us on course for a propane stop first thing this morning which included an insane 3-point turn in a tiny, packed-full-of-moving trucks parking lot to reach the refill station. Jim’s mad Bertha-and-trailer backup skills and Heather’s running around watching all the blind spots and directing from outside has become something we’re both quite comfortable and good at. We laugh when we think about what we might have done when we first started this trip; detach the trailer? Block traffic on the adjacent street to pull out into traffic backwards? Who knows? But we smile when we think about how we’ve really risen to the challenges of life on the road and are so comfortable with all the previously frustrating obstacles we’ve learned to adapt to.

20170124_161841Week 38 was our first foray into our new working schedule, with sightseeing and the general “road trip” portion of our adventure now in our rear view mirror. Spending the week at the Rio Vista RV Park with its unlimited electricity, water, and septic system meant that we were able to spend more time working and less time moving around, dumping, finding water, getting gas, running the generator, etc. With Bertha safely tucked in and essentially a fully functioning brick and mortar house for the week, week 1 of our new routine went swimmingly.

JB MultisportHeather got back to work recruiting this week, picking up the job she left behind on a now part-time basis, while Jim spent these days in the library working on the websites. The new logo for JB Multisport, the official name of his professional triathlon coaching business, was completed this week, which opened doors for finally getting started on the accompanying website. We’d like to ask the ultra-curious to hold on a bit before popping over there yet, as these things take time! The new logo looks great, though, and he spent time this week additionally preparing marketing materials, designing cycling kits, racing tri suits, swim caps and the like for production in the near future.

Swim.pngAnother sweet uptick for the coaching business, Jim can now also add the designation “USMS Masters Swim Coach” to his professional resume after this week, as Saturday we took Eeyore (our motorcycle) into the town of Pleasant Valley, CA for his USMS Coaching training and certification class. Since the vast majority of triathletes come from competitive running backgrounds and tend to struggle with being competitive (or even competent) swimmers, Jim’s newfound knowledge of how to be a more effective swim coach puts him in a position where he can be an even more effective triathlon coach all-around. When your goal is to be the best, you can’t learn too much.

20170125_155000It was a great week for us training-wise as well, getting in our first full 6 day training week since our training culminated last year with Ironman Florida’s 140.6 mile race. We ran or biked every day this week, sometimes together, sometimes separately, but both got back on track for our next big race, Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica this June. A 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run in the tropical paradise will be the official end of our Great Adventure. While Heather’s focus is on having fun and staying in shape enjoying this swim-bike-run sport, Jim’s professional career can benefit greatly from his performances and scoring well on each of his 3 races this year. Points for Ironman All World Athlete status are obtained from each athlete’s top 3 Ironman-branded races each year and the top 10% in each age group each year get recognized with the status. Although Heather didn’t even know how to swim for locomotion a year ago, she worked her butt off last year and scored high enough to make AWA in her very first year after killing it at Ironman 70.3 St. Croix, Ironman 70.3 Steelhead, and Ironman Florida. Jim is certainly one proud coach/husband!

The Team Burho race calendar was also nailed down this week, so if you’re interested in joining us for some traveling, racing, and/or spectating, the 2017 Team Burho race calendar looks like this:

  • Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica, June 18th
  • Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz, September 10th
  • Ironman (140.6) Louisville, October 15th

awaHeather will actually only be racing Costa Rica, but will be at the other two cheering and spectating her face off! Some other races will be sprinkled in for fun and training, but these are the big ones that will count for points.

It was a big week for triathlon and the coaching business for sure, but enough about that! In other exciting news this week, Heather realized there is an open casting call for the TV show, The Amazing Race, a show that one of Heather’s friends suggested we should try to get on, about 70 miles from where we are that’s coming up in less than two weeks. While our plans to scoot up to Bend, OR will be delayed a bit now, it just seems too serendipitous that there was an open casting call so close to us and we just can’t pass up this opportunity to try. If you haven’t heard of or seen the show, 12 teams of 2 people TARstart at some city and have to sort through clues, complete crazy activities, compete with other teams, and race to checkpoints each day as they travel around the world. Every day, the team that gets to the checkpoint last is eliminated until a final 3 teams race to the finish line to compete for a one million dollar first place prize. Needless to say, we’ve been watching a couple of the past seasons in preparation for this and we definitely think we’ve got what it takes to win! If all goes well at the casting call on February 11th, we’ll be sure to update you all. We can’t help but think that our story from being high school sweethearts to living full time in an RV travelling the country in our first year of marriage while competing in Ironman races would make us quite interesting contestants, at the very least. More on that next week!

While perhaps not as “fun” and entertaining as past weeks might have been, week 38 was full of productivity and building for our future plans. We have loved the time to focus and get stuff done this week and as well the ability to relax in the evenings, spending quality time together eating dinner, watching movies, reading, and continuing to find new reasons to love each other more every day. Here’s wishing you all have had the best January full of love, happiness, and productivity as we have. Until next week, we’ll be thinking of you all!

Total RV Trip Miles: 15,062.8



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