Week 39 – Milpitas, CA

Happy February to you all from Milpitas, California, where it hasn’t stopped raining in over a week! We both received WEAs (Wireless Emergency Alerts) on our phones today for flash flood warnings all over this area. Apparently the whole West Coast is getting nailed right now, as friends and family in the Pacific Northwest have been posting tons of pictures of “Snowmageddon” after the area has been pounded with more snow than it has seen in years. Fortunately it’s just rain for us, and the (mostly) peaceful lull of raindrops on Bertha’s roof each night has been a welcome change from some of the traffic noise filled nights we’ve had in the past.

IMG_20170204_163220_906The rain hasn’t entirely stopped us from enjoying the outdoors on the 39th week of our adventure on wheels, fortunately, and we’ve managed to continue our triathlon training regimen nearly unaltered. Heather found a beautiful trail this week that we ran a couple of loops around on a misty afternoon between storm showers. The Bayview Trail in Fremont, CA is a 3 mile hiking and mountain biking loop through lush green mountains that runs alongside the San Francisco Bay. The sky covered in rain clouds and the endless acres of thick dew-dropped green grass gave the illusion that we had left California and were 20170204_170708running along the shores of Ireland.

While the scattered rain prevented us from safely going on a bike ride, we enjoyed the cool temperatures it provided us with on our hours of stationary bike riding. The best part about riding the stationary bikes is that we got to continue our research for our upcoming Amazing Race casting call audition this Saturday while we were getting our training done. Double-score! If you read our blog last week, you’ll recall that we fortuitously happened to be in close proximity to the show’s open casting call in San Jose this IMG_20170205_185357_371weekend. Even before we started on this RV adventure we had been recording and putting together an audition video to send in for a shot to be on the show. This open casting call allows us to skip ahead and actually sit in front of the camera and be interviewed for why we think we’re the perfect team for the race around the world. With less than two weeks to prepare for the audition, we’ve spent as much time as we could squeeze in watching the show’s previous casting call videos, video auditions from others, behind the scenes action, and as many episodes as time and our traditionally non-TV binge watching personas could muster. Once in a lifetime shot, right? We plan to nail the casting call this weekend!

20170130_165105Week 39 is now our third week back in our work, work, work schedule, so aside from our daily training shenanigans, there haven’t been too many noteworthy adventures. Jim’s website is coming along great and almost ready to go live while Heather continues to work for Novum from the comfort that is Bertha’s living room (dining room, office, and, at the time of this writing, the all-important air-drying laundry room). We continue to eat like champs with Heather’s incredible cooking and even got to enjoy another magnificent bottle of sparkling wine, courtesy of her parents.

In sporting news, for the second year in a row, we spent the Superbowl not watching the Superbowl. Last year we were on our incredible Maui trip for the big game and this year we filled the game’s time slot with training followed by shopping for outfits for our upcoming casting call. It’s not that we don’t care about football – it’s one of Jim’s all-time 20170201_194254favorite sports – but unless the Packers, Cardinals, Seahawks, or *cough* Chargers *cough* are playing, we’re content on watching the highlight reels. Turns out it was quite the incredible game, though, and we might have only the slightest of regrets that we didn’t get to watch that incredible comeback unfold in real time.

So that wraps up Week 39! We’re super excited about this weekend’s casting call and hope that we have a great story to tell next week once the mystery of what to come has been unveiled. Until next week, stay happy and healthy and know that we’re thinking of you all!

Total RV Trip Miles: 14,603.9



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