Week 45 – Eugene, OR

Happy Spring All!

We’re coming to you this week from beautiful, green Eugene, OR. We’d been in California since early January, so after almost 3 months, it’s time to move to a new state. We had planned to be in Oregon sooner but the weather in California was so much warmer, it seemed wise to postpone moving to a colder, wetter place as long as we could.

20170314_145137We started the week pretty quietly with some work, some reading, and some training…the usual. We took advantage of the warm, sunny weather one day with the table set up outside for Jim to work at and all the windows open in Bertha for the breeze to dance through. The very next day, however, we were back to cold and rainy so we used our beloved new awning as cover while we rode our bike trainers before braving the raindrops for a quick run around the neighborhood.

20170316_150312Thursday was the predicted to be the nicest day of the week so what better way to spend it than with ADVENTURE DAY! Since it was our last few days in Redding, we had one more thing we wanted to check off our list. We loaded up the motorcycle and the drone (his name is Jerome now. Yes, Jerome the drone) and headed off to Whiskeytown. Contrary to the name, there is no town and there is no whiskey. It’s actually a20170316_150520 beautiful lake and surrounding area full of hikes, campgrounds, and naturey bliss. We rode past the lake in awe of the beauty, admiring the glistening water and the snowcapped mountains in the backdrop. Our first stop was the trailhead for Whiskeytown Falls. Some of the people in the area and in our RV park had recommended the area to us, our RV neighbor (who has lived in that park since retiring in 1996) said the waterfall had actually been lost and only fairly recently was rediscovered. We started down the trailhead taking in the surrounding beauty; the trail runs along a little stream and the trees are covered in thick, green moss. Taking our time and taking lots of pictures, the waterfall was about a mile and a half from the trailhead and we saw very few other people along the way. Arriving at the waterfall was such a treat as the water cascades down 220 feet along the lush forest surroundings. There’s a small staircase off to the side that allows you to climb up alongside the waterfall, but the very top was closed off due to dangerous conditions.

20170316_150754After soaking in the scenery for a bit, we turned around and headed back to Eeyore. We cruised back to the lake and found a little spot to pull off so we could fly Jerome. The views over the lake were fantastic and honestly, we haven’t had a chance to fully edit the videos and photos yet to share them with you. But Jim is in heaven flying Jerome and loves the incredibly stable picture and the ability to completely operate the camera, including adjusting settings, from the ground while it’s flying.

After packing up Jerome and loading back up on Eeyore, we made a quick stop at the grocery store on our way home. We were having our neighbors over for dinner that evening and needed to grab ingredients to make a yummy gluten free, vegan meal. Natalie and Bo came over around 7:00 and we indulged in hummus, veggies, and a quinoa Buddha Bowl that Heather’s friend Julie had recommended a few months ago. 20170316_203002We poured a couple of whiskey-gingerale’s as well and Natalie and Jim pulled out their instruments. Jim had his guitar out and his digital piano set up, while Natalie brought her ukulele and banjo. The two of them jammed out for a few hours while Heather and Bo chatted and enjoyed the music (Heather pulled out the harmonica in an unsuccessful attempt to join in). It’s been such a pleasure getting to know those two! When they left, Natalie actually gifted her ukulele to us as a parting gift. It was such a generous gesture and Jim has been over the moon about it, playing every free moment he has.

The next couple of days we spent getting things in order for our departure from our beloved new home at Green Acres RV Park. When we first checked in with the idea of maybe staying a month, we weren’t sure how we’d like staying in one place for so long. By the time we pulled out on Saturday morning however, we felt a little bittersweet leaving as the neighbors came out to say goodbye and wish us safe travels. What a lovely place with a lovely bunch of people!

We left Redding and headed north, just a short 70 mile drive to Weed, CA. There’s a great resource for RV’ers and campers that lists free campsites around the country and we used it to find a magical spot right at the base of Mount Shasta! After filling our gas, propane, fresh water, and groceries, we drove the hour and a half north and eventually pulled up lake side to our campsite in the early evening. The official season for this campground doesn’t begin until April, but they sites were still open…meaning we were the ONLY ones there. It was awesome! The campground is at the end of a paved road so it’s easy access to get to and we could literally pull up right to the shore of the lake if we wanted. We chose a slightly more secluded spot at the base of a little mountain for protection from the wind that was gusting over the lake.20170319_153532

20170320_120623The plan was to spend three nights there, and it was just perfect. We spent the next couple of days exploring the area and enjoying the panoramic views of the lake from every window in Bertha. There was a great little hill near us with switchbacks that took you up to the top; it was about a mile from Bertha to the top of the hill. At the top, we were rewarded with views of the lake and, most impressively, the massive size of Mount Shasta just behind where Bertha was parked. It was hard to really capture the essence and size of Mount Shasta with our cell phones, plus it was covered in clouds a lot of the time. But it was a truly phenomenal sight to see.

We climbed that little hill about 5 times over the two day period. Jim camped out up there for about two hours with a book and his GoPro on time lapse mode (Heather stayed in the wind-free, warmer indoors). We also took Jerome up there for some panoramic shots (again, still need to edit the videos), and we used the switchbacks for some training as we did hill repeats up and down it (Jim named the otherwise unnamed hill, “Shastaburho Hill”, and updated Google accordingly).

All in, our time at Lake Shastina was 20170320_132555blissful. We relaxed, read a lot, had breakfast in bed, and enjoyed having the area and the views all to ourselves. The hammock made an appearance on Sunday afternoon, but the wind made it tough to keep out there for very long (the wind gusts were often upward of 30+ mph).

We departed from our lakeside home this morning and headed north, across the border and into Oregon. We passed the time on the drive writing this blog and learning to play our new ukulele, it’s the perfect road trip instrument!

Thanks for reading as always and once again, happy spring to you all!

Total RV Trip Miles: 15,048.9




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