Week 46 – Vancouver, WA

20170328_100408 (1).jpgWe’re coming to you today from a hip little coffee shop in the center of Portland. If there’s one thing Portland is known for, it’s the plethora of trendy, eclectic craft coffee shops; today Jim ordered a cold brew on tap…it’s like a beer tap but it’s for coffee. Yeah, welcome to Portland!

This week will be just a little different because we actually spent half of it apart, quite the change of 24/7 together!

IMG_20170321_200013_776We last left you in Eugene, having just pulled in for the evening to spend a very rainy weekend in a Walmart parking lot. The next day, we got our weekly laundry and cleaning done before heading to Portland and spending another rainy night in another Walmart parking lot (glamorous, we know). The drive up through Oregon was pretty mystical, it rained most of the way (a proper Oregon greeting) and the mist in the mountains and the low cloud cover made everything feel quite other-worldly. It was a perfect drive for practicing on our new ukulele.

Thursday morning we were up early for an appointment before heading over to pick up a rental car for Heather’s weekend away. It was weird to drive a smaller car after only driving Bertha for almost a year! We got back to Bertha, got Heather all packed up and Jim stocked with groceries for his solo man weekend, and we both hit the road around 2:00 that afternoon.

Jim headed out to an area about Museum30 miles southwest of Portland, to a town called McMinnville. We found this place on that camper’s resource website as a spot where RV’s are allowed to park for free for a couple of days. The cool part is that it was actually at an aviation museum, it’s where the Spruce Goose is housed! They have a great big parking lot out back where a couple of other RV friends were hanging out for the weekend, there was also a big group of boy scouts camping in the wooded area near the parking lot. Jim’s weekend consisted mainly of staying indoorsJim hair to avoid the rain and conserving fresh water in
the RV with the shortest possible showers. We had found a fill station on the way out for him, but they didn’t have fresh water as we expected, making his life a little less glamorous. He played A LOT of ukulele, read some, watched some movies, ate hot dogs, and spent some quality alone time with Bertha. He was able to sneak out for one quick run as the clouds broke and the blue sky shone through for a couple of hours (check out that hair!).

Meanwhile, as Jim headed south on Thursday, 20170324_161649Heather headed north. She drove up to SeaTac to grab her friend Julie from the airport. Once Julie was safely secured, they headed around the Puget Sound to Bremerton, to the home of the bride-to-be, Amber. This weekend was about celebrating Amber’s upcoming nuptials and was to be a cross between a shower/bachelorette/girls weekend away. After a late dinner and lots of chatting upon arrival, the girls were up early-ish the next morning to load up the car and head to Leavenworth, WA.

20170325_131318Leavenworth is a great little mountain town east of Seattle with a Bavarian theme; all the buildings and signs are decorated this way, even the banks and grocery stores. The girls had a great little two bedroom condo right in the heart of the downtown area, which was so awesome for being a part of the action. The weekend consisted of lots of wine tasting (there are over 20 tasting rooms within a ½ mile city block), dipping into little shops, and lots and lots of girl talking. One night consisted of karaoke and dancing, while the second night was spent in yoga pants in the apartment, complete with a homemade dinner, a warm fire, and mulled wine. It was a perfect balance and wonderful quality time for Heather with her girlfriends.

On the journey back from Leavenworth, the 20170326_124528girls made a stop at Lake Wenatchee to take in the sights and the glowing winter wonderland. For those of you enjoying a warm spring, it’s still feeling much more like winter in these parts of the country! But the snow, mist, mountains, and white-capped trees make it quite enjoyable!

Team Burho reunited Sunday evening for our last night in a Walmart parking lot for a while. The next morning, we got the rental car returned and did a big grocery shopping trip before getting settled into our new RV park for the coming week. We’re actually staying over the bridge from Portland this week, in Vancouver, WA. It’s a short drive and as of next week, we’ll be moving to the Portland side to a different RV park. But it feels good to be set up in a new “neighborhood”, this one has a rec center and quite a few nice amenities that we’re pretty excited about (yeah, we’re weird).

That’s all for now, thanks for reading our semi-shortened version this week!

Total RV Trip Miles: 15,276.7





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