Week 48 – Portland, OR

Greetings from the City of Roses, another common nickname for Portland and actually the official nickname of the city. The Portland Rose Festival takes place annually in June, we’re disappointed we won’t be here to take part in the city-wide festivities and parades. There’s always next year!

Anyhoo, week 48 of our RV lifestyle and been a wonderful one…albeit perhaps a little quiet in terms of topics to blog about. We’ve remained set up in our neighborhood at the Columbia River RV Park where we’ve enjoyed many productive days of work, rest, and some exploring of our local area. In all honesty, we spent two days binge-watching Seasons 9 and 10 of Friends this weekend while Heather was feeling a little under the weather. Jim never saw how the show ended (gasp!) so we’re taking the opportunity to catch him up (no spoilers please!).

IMG_20170405_183052_701Our RV park is aptly named Columbia River RV Park because it is right across the street from the Columbia River. We’ve taken a couple of opportunities to explore the marina this week, both during a run and again on just a nice little walk we took one day to get us out of the house. There’s a yacht club, endless rows of sailboats, and even colorful sections of floating homes. You can see the Vancouver side from the shore (it’s not a wide river) and there’s a quaint little coffee shop tucked into the shore line with live music certain nights of the week. IMG_20170409_153118_817.jpgWe’re hoping to make a visit over there one night before we leave.

Our main event of this week included an all-day trip to downtown Portland. As two people who grew up in a city where public transportation was almost non-existent, we both really enjoy the opportunity to take a bus or train. So rather than take Eeyore, we decided to take the bus. It allowed us time to read and take in the surrounding area rather than race through or sit in traffic with frustration. We caught the closest bus to us and took it over the Willamette River to our destination, which included a lovely riverside walk through the Tom McCall Riverfront Park. We failed to Tom McCalltake our own photo of said park, so here’s a Google image to give you an idea of the beauty of the area.

Once downtown, we took the opportunity to visit the iconic Powell’s City of Books. You guys, this place is INCREDIBLE. It’s the largest new and used bookstore in the world, occupying an entire city block and housing approximately one million books! It has nine color-coded rooms and over 3,500 different sections, so you can quite literally spend an entire day in there and not get bored. We set up in the coffee shop section (also the Romance section, interestingly) and enjoyed a coffee, some 20170406_114421reading, and some perusing time. As with all things Portland, some interesting folks make their way through the store, so it makes for entertaining people watching as well.

After some time at Powell’s we realized we were hungry and decided to hit the rows upon rows of food trucks/stalls for lunch. If ever there were a place for analysis paralysis, the dozens of Asian food, Mexican food, and Asia-Mex food blend choices clustered around a full city block was it. They have it all! Jim settled on his favorite, a burrito, while Heather selected a gyro and we made our way IMG_20170406_134910_785down the city streets noshing on individual yum.

Another cool story this week, we had a fellow full-time RV’er reach out to us early in the week to ask if we might be open to doing an interview with him. We’ve actually been following him and his work for a while now, so it was exciting to us that he’d reached out. He’s a 24 year old who lives full time in his Winnebago with his wife and he’s been able to use this RV lifestyle to create a revenue stream for them. They vlog (video blog) and have an RV Entrepreneur podcast where he talks with fellow nomads about how they make this lifestyle work. We had a short pre-call with him this week to talk about how the interview would work (and I think he wanted to make sure we weren’t a snoozefest) and we scheduled the interview for this coming Friday. Once the podcast is complete, we’ll be sure to include a link in the blog for anyone who wants to listen to it!

Lastly, should you all be curious, Jim continues to grow his hair out in preparation to fit into Portland with a man bun. This week we successfully achieved both a baby ponytail (as in literally a ponytail you would see on a baby) and the Mugatu look (from Zoolander).

20170408_21142120170411_122900We made it back over the Vancouver YMCA today and made a friend who was swimming alongside us. Turns out she’s a triathlete in training, she actually did her first Half Ironman last year at Coeur d’Alene, where we were volunteering. She’s training to do that race again and hopes to do her first full next year in Whistler; we had a nice chat with her and hope to get in a long bike ride with her this weekend. It’s a lot of fun making friends on the road!

20170410_144716That’s about it for week 48 – thanks for staying with us! This is our final week in Portland before we’ll start our journey through Utah and into Colorado. Here’s a little pic of our bedroom because why not, we love our cozy home on wheels!

Total RV Trip Miles: 15,285


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