Week 51 – Park City, UT

“Oh the places you’ll go” – Dr. Seuss

The Burhos come to you today from beautiful Park City, UT, a small town with snow capped mountains in every direction and a cool, fresh, clean crispness in the air. We pulled into Park City yesterday afternoon and don’t plan on staying long; we’re Colorado-bound for wedding festivities next weekend!

20170428_135148Prior to arriving in Park City, we spent a few, rather uneventful days in Boise, ID. A beautiful city (the city of trees, we learned) with a well kept downtown and rows of lovely manicured colonial-style homes. Most of our time in Boise was spent in their library, and this was by design as we continue to balance the building of Jim’s business with our adventurous lifestyle. Between the time in the library, we 20170428_212633feasted on healthy, home-cooked meals (stir-Fryday is now a thing) and made 2-3 visits to the very nice local YMCA.

During our first visit to the Y, Heather was swimming laps when an older gentleman noticed her Ironman swim cap and they started talking triathlon, he’s training for Ironman 70.3 St George that’s now next weekend. Heather mentioned her husband was a tri coach and when Jim came out to the pool, the gentleman struck up a conversation with Jim about triathlon, and specifically about swimming. They ended up scheduling a meeting for the following day for Jim to give him swim lessons, which went extremely well and it may turn into a new client for Jim’s coaching business. The YMCA has proven to be a great place to meet other triathletes, and this isn’t the first client Jim has gained this way.

Heather was also able to sneak away from the library one day for a long run along the Boise River and Jim snuck out one evening to get some aerial footage of downtown Boise, but that was the extent of our sightseeing of the area.


We departed Boise for Salt Lake City on Saturday, a beautiful 340 mile drive through mostly grassy fields rainy mountains. Heather actually drove a fair amount of the way, a rarity, so Jim could continue to get some work done.20170429_153743

We decided while en route that we would stop at Antelope Island State Park, on the Great Salt Lake, to get in a long run and also to see the Salt Lake. We had done some reading about the lake and the few crazy people who actually swim in it for fun…not recommended due to the saltiness, the smell, the tiny shrimp that stick to your bathing suit, and the brine flies that make it difficult to breathe without swallowing them. Eww.

20170429_175223We pulled into the park in the mid afternoon and were just blown away immediately by the beauty – mountains in every direction, the light blue colored water, the reflections off the lake, and the sunny clear day. We were getting excited about our long run through here but then we started to notice the cloud of bugs in the air. These were the brine flies we’d heard about and they were EVERYWHERE! Literally, we could see clouds of them as we drove IMG_20170430_101156_907through the park. We drove to a viewpoint and got out of Bertha, only to very quickly realize we don’t want to have the doors or windows open, those little buggers come in fast! Not sure if you can see in the picture here, but Bertha murdered thousands of them as we drove through the area and the front of her was just covered in them! So gross.

Deciding we didn’t want to swallow bugs for 10 miles, plus we were a bit sore from the previous day’s workout at the Y, we opted to skip the run and just sightsee the area instead. Jim got Jerome the Drone out for some aerial shots of Bison1the Bison herds grazing in the grass and we stuck around to watch the sunset over the lake. As the sun dipped down, we noticed that the surrounding mountains were actually turning purple and it was just stunning! The changing colors and incredible beauty made us really thankful we stuck around to watch the sunset.


The next day, we woke up and drove the 20 minutes to one of Jim’s old buddy’s houses. Matt was in the Air Force with Jim’s brother, Morgan, and they all lived down in Florida together for a while before Jim moved to AZ and Matt was stationed in Utah. He lives on 20170430_154944the Air Force Base with his wife, Chanda, and two sweet little girls, Annabella and Alexis, 6 and 3. They were able to get us a visitor pass for Bertha to park on base for a couple of days, so we rolled our bug-covered eye sore onto their quaint suburban street, Griswold-style. What wonderful hosts they were, we started our visit on Sunday with a long bike ride with Matt and his friend, Eric, through the beautiful neighborhoods and onto an awesome bike trail running alongside the endless snow- capped mountains. The boys stayed together, riding in a fast pack, while Heather took up the rear and took in the sights; it was a wonderful ride! We saw horses and even a baby llama! Oh, and there was a quick stop in Eric’s garage to repair a rare flat tire!

After the ride, Eric came over and Matt and Chanda made a delicious dinner for the group and we had a chance to get caught up after many years of not seeing each other. We 20170430_120043also got to play with the girls and their new 4 month old golden retriever puppy. The girls loved the RV and kept wanting to go play in “the van”; they especially loved our chalkboard refrigerator and our weird potty.

The next day, Monday, Jim spent working while Heather cleaned Bertha up and took Chanda up on her offer to use her washer and dryer. We reconvened together that evening for another amazing home cooked meal a’la Chanda (she even made homemade tzatziki sauce) and some margaritas.

20170502_105417We unplugged from their house on Tuesday morning, said our good-byes, and started our way to Park City, but not before stopping for some Bertha to-do’s. Jim seems to have fixed our battery issues (yay!) and we can now run on battery power in the house without needing the generator. He set up a new, more powerful inverter yesterday, as well as unplugged a gnarly clog from our shower drain. We also had to make a stop at the Salt Lake City Post Office, where we did our first, nearly seamless General Delivery pickup – turns out this is another great way to get our mail if we know ahead of time where and when we’ll be in 20170501_152853a city with a general delivery option (it was an oddly exciting thing for us to make that post office trip).

Once the chores were done, we drove the 30 something miles over the hill and into Park City. We drove up to a nice viewpoint before Jim got in a nice long run (at more than 6,500’ altitude!) while Heather did some RV yoga and we then sought out a place to sleep for the night. Turns out options are really slim in Park City; there is one RV park and the Walmart doesn’t allow overnighters. So we found a not-so-quiet truck stop to call home and were thankful 20170502_182550for really good earplugs to drown out the sounds of idling semi trucks. Ahhh RV life…

Total RV Trip Miles: 16,270.6


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