Week 56 – Broomfield, CO

Hello and happy June to you all! We’re more than 5 months into 2017 already; it’s hard to believe time is passing so quickly as the end of our days on the road seem to be coming nearer and nearer (we’ve mentioned this before but as a refresher, we plan to settle in Portland at the end of September). But at least we’re in the full swing of summertime now and looking forward to a month on the beaches of Costa Rica – we fly out early this coming Saturday! Pura Vida…

20170529_121133This past week was another one that was heavily focused on work and training. We took little to no photos from last Tuesday and into the weekend being that our time was spent mainly in libraries, or biking and running. We did find the time to make a stop by Jim’s mom’s old house near Parker for a photo of Bertha parked out front. We also had a bunch of errands to run all over Denver, as we bought two bike cases off Craigslist to help us get our bikes down to Costa Rica and also had to scope out RV storage spots for the month we’re gone. Other than that, most of the past 5 days have been lived within a 3 mile radius. 20170601_201544Literally. We park at night at the Cracker Barrel, dump at the nearby Cabella’s, and spend the days at the big library/community center. We lead an exciting life, we know.

But again, all that productivity means that things are moving along really nicely with Jim’s business. He’s had a few more calls for bike fittings this week (including one this evening that, fingers crossed, might also turn into a regular coaching client!) and he continues to work extremely hard on the website. It’s getting really exciting as it nears completion and we’ll be able to start actively marketing across the world! New business cards have arrived just in time for our trip to Costa Rica and the promotional transition cards are officially on order…it’s all coming together!

Photo_talks_1496432880632On Friday, Jim dropped Heather at the airport for her flight to the next bachelorette party in Vegas for her long-time friend Cindy, who funny enough, is getting married in Golden, CO in September – so we’ll be back! Jim spent most of his weekend working (to the point he almost didn’t sleep on Saturday night, choosing instead to work through the night) but he did find time to binge watch some New Girl on Friday (he loves Schmidt!) and to crack himself up making homemade memes with our plush travelling companions. In case it’s not obvious, Barney (the ladybug) is acting as a ventriloquist to the nutcracker, and telling jokes about nuts. And Chester (the squirrel) is cracking up. Just go with it haha. He also ate a lot of hotdogs, some Tuna Helper (eww), and finished off the pint of ice cream. A true bachelor weekend.

moments_3e067880-bb40-4d38-b25d-ce1a1583236e_orig_resMeanwhile, Heather arrived in Vegas on Friday afternoon and met up with the group of friends as well as Cindy’s aunts and her mom. It’s not entirely traditional to have your mom and aunts along for a bachelorette in Vegas, but it was a relatively tame weekend by Vegas standards (nobody was drunk all weekend!). On Friday we walked around Caesars and did some shopping before celebrating Cindy’s sister’s 30th birthday at the Toby Keith Bar and IMG_20170604_161213_195Grill. After dinner, we went back to the hotel to get fancied up and headed out to find a nice bar or lounge for the whole group. A promoter snagged us as we were walking towards The Cosmopolitan and gave us a bunch of free drinks to go to Hyde in the Bellagio. We ended up spending all evening there dancing to top 40 music and enjoying views of the Bellagio fountain before walking back in bare feet…so gross but heels hurt so bad when you never wear them!

20170603_135144Saturday was the big day of the weekend! We were up relatively early for Cindy’s bridal shower. Her family put together a wonderful hotel room shower setup, complete with decorations, mimosas, and party favors (even a hangover care package, which was awesome!). After the shower, we got dressed in our pool party clothes and decided to WALK to Hard Rock, which is off the strip. Bad idea – that’s a 2.5 mile walk in 100 degree heat…we were all sweaty and blistered by the time we made it there. And to make matters worse, the 20170603_142346line to get in was INSANE, even though we were on the guest list. So we called an Uber and headed to the Mandalay Bay pool party, called Daylight, instead. Morgan Page was DJ’ing – a DJ both Cindy and I had seen many times before, so we had a blast dancing up front for a few hours. The pool itself was insanely crowded, but it’s nice being a group of women in Vegas. We were offered to head over to the less crowded cabana pool since apparently there 20170603_155453weren’t enough women in that area. The cabana pool at least had some shade and space for us to sit down without being crowded by the general masses. Though, you still have to wonder how many people actually get out of the pool to use the bathroom and with so many sweaty bodies, it’s hard to have a truly enjoyable pool experience.


After the pool party, we made it back to the hotel to clean up for a nice Italian dinner at the Venetian with everyone. It was a much needed carb load before our big night of dancing ahead! We grabbed some Red Bulls after dinner, got ourselves glammed up and took an Uber to Omnia, the newest, hottest club in Vegas. We had arrived around 11:00pm and saw the line to get in going around the entire building. Luckily, we had pre-purchased our tickets and only had to wait about 30 minutes to get in. Once inside, it was 20170604_034318nearly impossible to find our own standing and dancing room…it’s crazy how many people they pack into these places; we thought we might have to leave because it was SO uncomfortably crowded. Luckily, once again, we’re a group of women in Vegas and this nice guy invited us to hang out at their table for the evening (meaning our own spot to dance!). They were a really nice party and knew we were all married, but just had fun dancing and hanging out for the evening. We chose Omnia, mainly because one of our favorite DJ’s, Kaskade, 20170604_045732was performing. He finally came on at 1:30 am…thank god for the Red Bull earlier! We had so much fun dancing, singing, and enjoying the music that we made it to closing time: 4:00am! Yikes. Once we left the club, we again walked down the strip shoe-less to get back to the hotel. So gross. By the time we made it back to the room, we took showers, washed our feet, and looked outside to see the sun coming up. Guess that means we did Vegas right.

moments_6506a9b7-eeb8-4a42-b0e1-5bed1978abbb_orig_resWe woke up Sunday morning after about 3 hours of sleep to bid one friend goodbye (early flights out of Vegas are a bad idea) and then headed down for a nice, long, greasy breakfast to recharge our batteries. We had a little more time to wander the casino before I headed to the airport around 2:00 for my 5:00 flight. Jim grabbed me from the airport back in Denver, and got us back to Bertha safely, where I washed away the stench of Vegas and the airport before cuddling up happily, and exhaustedly into our own bed.

It was really a lot of fun and meant a lot to get that weekend with the bride-to-be and the bridal party. But it also felt good to come back to our home on wheels.

This week we have a few things to finish up here in Denver before we head down to Costa Rica this weekend! So excited to spend a month in paradise and looking forward to getting another Ironman 70.3 under our belts! Stay with us as we head off to the next chapter…

Total RV Trip Miles: 17,437








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