Week 68 – Twin Falls, ID

Welcome to another week and another Burho blog. We’re coming to you this week from the Twin Falls Public Library in Southern Idaho, where we’re having a productive day of catching up on the things after two weeks of what we affectionately called “adult summer camp”.

When we last left you, we had just left the big eclipse celebration and pulled into our new boondocking spot in Ketchum, next to friends and fellow full-timers, Kevin and Kym. We had a relatively low-key day on Wednesday, leaving the RV for a Thai lunch in Ketchum with Kevin and Kym, Tori and Skyler (Kevin and Kym knew of this place with $8.50 lunch specials during the week, so we ate there most weekdays!). Most of the day was spent in and around the RV, with Jim getting in a hard brick workout (a bike ride down the highway followed by a short, hard run) while Heather got in a yoga sesh overlooking the picturesque valley below.

20170824_110208On Thursday morning, we set out somewhat early for our respective workouts. Jim and Kym went to the local YMCA, Heather set out for an 11 mile run, and Kevin went mountain biking. The goal was for us all to reconvene in Hailey (the town south of Ketchum) to try out a different Thai place and to get a few errands done. Heather’s run from Ketchum to Hailey was along a beautiful, paved trail the entire way; this area is a mecca for runners and cyclists. Kevin came up behind her on the mountain bike and shortly thereafter, Jim and Kym made it to the restaurant (which was not nearly as good as the one in Ketchum). IMG_20170824_204735_198After making a couple of quick stops, we headed back to Ketchum to meet up with Tori and Skyler. We all piled into one car and made the drive a few miles down the road to the natural hot springs. There were a few people lounging there when we arrived, but they left pretty quickly, leaving the entire place to us. It was so great – a fresh, clear, cold river rushing by while you’re immersed in the warm, refreshing waters of the springs. We tried a few different ones, some too hot and some too cold, before settling on the one that was juuuuust right. Once we’d had our fill of relaxing in the springs, we headed to the local brewery – Sawtooth Brewing Co. We sat outside on the patio, in the perfect weather (it’s crazy here – cold at night, hot in the day) enjoying a few beers, some burgers, and great company.

20170825_152040The next day, we made another trip to the delicious Ketchum Thai place…gotta get em in while we can! After lunch, We met up with a few others with the intention of getting in a 7 mile round trip hike to Kane Lake. We completely underestimated the drive though; after an hour drive through dirt roads, rocky terrain, and through herds of cow, we finally made it to the trailhead after 3pm. There was a big group dinner scheduled at 6pm and we knew we’d never make it if we did the entire hike. So we walked about a mile in, still IMG_20170828_133748_658loving the amazing smells, sights, and sounds of nature, before turning back and taking the hour drive down the dirt road back to our rigs. We met the rest of the group (there were probably about 20 total full time RV’ers joining the party) at Warfield’s in downtown Ketchum. They weren’t really set up to handle a group as large as ours, so after one drink, we herded the group back to Sawtooth Brewery. We had an absolute blast that night, talking and laughing with this amazing group of like-minded people. After the brewery, we headed to Tori and Skyler’s beautiful Airstream for a nightcap and more laughs.

Turns out the nightcap was probably a bad idea as we woke up late the next morning with mild hangovers. We had a slow day around the RV, making french toast and missing out on the group walk. Jim amazingly got in a hard bike trainer ride in the afternoon, incredibly impressive! Other than that, it was a quiet day, ending at Tori and Skyler’s rig for the most amazing homemade drunken noodles in the world!

IMG_20170827_170635_074Sunday was a big day at adult summer camp, so it was nice that we had Saturday to rest and recover a bit. We were up early to rent mountain bikes in order to head out on a group ride. These other full time RV’ers tend to be big mountain bikers – which makes a lot of sense since we travel around to so many amazing places (we chose triathlon instead). We got to the trailhead at 9:30am and the experienced people were off and running. It was quite a climb to the top, we covered 6 and a half miles and gained about 1,700 feet in elevation. There was a lot of stopping to wait for various group members, a lot of chatting, and by the end, we turned around about a mile before the top and still didn’t make it home until about 2pm (with an original goal of noon). But holy crap was that a lot of fun! It really made us wish we had been doing more of this while on the road, but we only had room for two bikes so what can you do? 

Once we returned from mountain biking, we loaded back up to go to the shooting range. Kevin and Kym like to shoot trap and invited us to join in the next activity of the day. We 20170827_231356took turns shooting 5 rounds at a time while one person pulled the disc (well, hit the button, which Heather thought was a lot of fun). We ended up at the “wobble” range, meaning the disc went in a different direction with each pull, making it really challenging! We had varying degrees of success (well, Kevin killed it) but we all had a lot of fun. After shooting, we ordered Mexican takeout and met our other friends (Doug and Elizabeth, who we met earlier this year in Bend, OR) at their camp spot for dinner by the creek. From there, we headed down a dirt road for one last happy hour with much of the rest of the group. One of the other couples we met in Stanley, the20170827_155415(0) Nealy’s, hosted this one outside their amazing Class A RV (so much room for activities in their rig!), with some of the others parked nearby. It’s a pretty cool thing to see so many people camped in a remote spot, setting up chairs in a circle to enjoy each other’s company, to share a drink and to share stories. What an incredible little community.

Monday morning it was time to say our goodbyes. We pulled Bertha out of her boondocking spot and met 8 others for one last Thai lunch at the place in Ketchum we were so obsessed with. After indulging in one last Pad Thai and Massaman Curry, we hugged the rest of the group and started the journey south, toward Twin Falls. With a quick stop in Jerome to dump and fill our tanks, we rolled into Twin Falls in the late afternoon. Jim went straight to the library to work on his athlete’s training plans while Heather got to work on six loads of laundry and scrubbing all the Idaho dust out of Bertha. For the first time in weeks, we tucked ourselves into a Walmart parking lot for a glorious night of sleep.

That brings us to today. Over dinner last night, we mapped out the next few weeks of travel and decided we had time to stay in Twin Falls for one more night. Not that it’s overly amazing here (and ugh, it’s really hot!), but we wanted to get in another big productive day since we’re both feeling behind on our to-do lists. We set the alarm for 6:30am in order to beat the heat, and set out for our individual runs – Jim doing mile repeat intervals, and Heather doing a steady 13 mile run. Heather’s run took her to the main sightseeing spot in Twin Falls – Shoshone Falls. They’re 212 feet high, making them higher than Niagara Falls. It was a pretty cool sight to see and the run to get there was really pretty, especially in the cool morning air. After our runs and showers, and a quick stop at Chipotle, we made it to the library for the remainder of the day.


Our plan is to spend the next two weeks or so travelling from here, through Reno/Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park (which we’ve missed at least twice on this trip now!), landing in Santa Cruz in time for Jim’s next Half Ironman race on September 10th. Thanks for staying with us!

Total RV Trip Miles: 20, 385


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  1. I remain in awe of this incredible journey you’re experiencing, the people you’re getting to know, and all the activities you make happen. What a life you’ve made for yourselves!

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