Week 69 – Jackson, CA

Can you believe Labor Day has come and gone, marking the unofficial end of summer?! We sure can’t! Though our summer was unbelievably full, it flew by and we are just stunned that we suddenly find ourselves in September.

Since we last left you, we have been through three states – leaving Idaho, crossing through Nevada, and entering into California…where our trip first began 16 months ago. It’s nice to be back where our license plates match our surroundings.

Though, to be honest, we don’t have a lot to write about or even a lot of photos for this week. After three weeks of Adult Summer Camp in Idaho, this week has been about productivity and getting back into some sort of a routine. However, even if we don’t have a lot to write about, one of the major highlights of the week has been JB’s completion of the Eclipse Video he’s been working on. During our time boondocking with other full time RV’ers in Stanley, ID, JB was capturing a bunch of video and collecting photos from the group in order to put it together into one big fiesta recap video. It highlights just how much fun we had out there and the many excursions we shared with this new group of friends. Without further adieu, please click the link below and enjoy!


20170904_175437This week consisted of a few days in the Twin Falls, Idaho library, and then a few more days in the Reno, Nevada library. We were in the Reno library partly to be productive, but also because it was crazy hot and the library had air conditioning that didn’t require us to run our generator! Also, there’s just not a lot to do in Reno. It was a 450 mile drive to get there from Twin Falls and we didn’t anticipate staying more than a night or two. But between the nice library and the expected Labor Day crowds in Tahoe, we decided to stay for three nights. At least the Walmart parking lots were nice and quiet, allowing us to get some good sleep (yeah, we’re classy). We did try out a nice place to eat in Midtown, which seemed like a pretty cool area. We had dinner upon our arrival in town at a place called Süp, a hip spot with outdoor seating, specializing in yummy soups, salads and sandwiches. Oh, and we both squeezed in some good workouts as we’re getting better at waking up earlier to get them done. JB got in a hard ride under Bertha’s awning in a Walmart parking lot in the midst of giant casinos, while Heather tried out the river path for her 10 mile run. The river path was…interesting. It had a mix of nice river and mountain views, but was a little rough in some spots with all the homeless who seem to live down by the river. And of course, we had to take Bertha under the iconic (?) Reno sign!


On Saturday, we finally decided to head to South Lake Tahoe. We took our time getting out of town and made a few stops on the way. Heather needed to shoe shop for her upcoming bridesmaid role at the end of the month, and we just had to make a DQ stop…it was another hot day after all! We finally pulled into Tahoe in the early evening, after taking a very slow drive up the mountain to gain elevation and earn cooler weather. We were blown away at how busy the town was! We shouldn’t have been, of course, but the people and the cars were everywhere! We decided to hunker down and mostly stay away from the crowds as best we could.

IMG_20170904_135637_237On Sunday morning, Heather headed out for a long trail run. We were fortunate enough to be able to park Bertha at a trail head that leads to nearly unlimited trails throughout Tahoe! She decided on a route with about 1,700 feet in elevation gain over 6 and a half miles. It was beautiful! The mountain air, the water rushing by, and the lush greenery growing thicker the higher she climbed. The intention on Sunday was to cover at least 20 miles, but she ran out of water, headed back to the RV for a refill, and didn’t head back out. So the next morning, she did the same run again, covering 26 miles of trail running in a 24 hour period. It was awesome! On the Monday morning run, she even saw a bear running across the path in front of her! Luckily, he kept running and so did she. Tahoe is a magical place to hike, trail run or mountain bike! While Heather was out running, JB continued to spend his days in Bertha, being productive and checking things off his to-do list.



On Tuesday, we started the day out with laundry, cleaning, groceries, and an RV dump before heading down to stick our toes in the waters of Lake Tahoe. The water was crystal clear and delightfully cool. We had intended to spend more time down there, perhaps even take a kayak out, but we never seemed to make that happen in the midst of the Labor Day weekend madness. We headed out of town around 2:00 this afternoon, with the intention of making it to a great boondocking site just outside Yosemite National 20170905_135758Park. It’s only about 170 mile drive, but we grossly underestimated the climbing (and descending!) poor Bertha would have to do to get there. At one point, we came to a crossroads – a closed highway due to fires in the area, or a 25% downhill grade on a road that didn’t recommend any vehicles over 25 feet. We learned from our mistakes coming over the Teton Pass last year (when our brakes caught on fire) and instead turned around to head back to the nearest town. And we use the term “town” loosely. We hadn’t had cell service for quite some time and were hoping for wifi in this place of population 200. The guy at the Visitor’s Center wasn’t a lot of help, so we pulled up in front of the library to use their wifi for a few minutes. After reassessing, we headed back the direction we came from and toward a different path. While there was no 25% grade, it was still a treacherous drive in Bertha – climbing up to 8,000 feet where there was snow on the ground, back down to 2,000 feet where we’re sitting in Bertha sweating. At the end of the day, we chose a Walmart parking lot, only 90 miles from where we started, to have dinner and spend the evening. We’ll be onward to Yosemite tomorrow and then to Santa Cruz this weekend for JB’s next Half Ironman!


Total RV Trip Miles: 21,049


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  1. Wow! For a week of just being productive, you sure got around. Loved the video. Very picture, or video, worth a thousand words. Seems more and more younger and younger are joining your ranks out on the map. Glad it is still working for you as you go into WEEK 70!! You look happy, regardless of Labor Day crowds around Tahoe. I would’ve been going mad driving the rig through there. Surprised you didn’t ring Aunt Terry. She’s a fount of storytelling around that neck of the woods. Are you at Yosemite now? Blessings getting down to Santa Cruz and set for JB’s ironman this week. Dad


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